Friday, May 4, 2012

Resources For Those Who Want To Learn The biblical Languages.

Greetings my readers:

Sorry I've been lax with keeping up my blog.  I've been busy elsewhere, including going through one surgery and about to undergo another in a few days.  It's occurred to me that those who end up here might include people who are interested in learning the languages of the Bible but don't kn ow where to start.  Here are a few handy resources online.  They'll be sites of various kinds with different kinds of resources from lessons to audio files of God's word in the biblical languages.

Learn Biblical Languages 


Hellenistic Greek 

A Grammar of Septuagint Greek. 

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words 

Greek New Testament Audios in Earasmian Pronuncuation. 

Greek/Latin New Testament Audio readings 


Hebrew For Christians - Learn Hebrew. 

Ehud's Assisting You to Learn-- Hebrew Bible 

 Hebrew-English Bible/ Mechon-Mamre

Rivers In The Desert - Hebrew New Testament, Both audio And Learning resources 


Aramaic NT Resources 

Peshitta Aramaic New testament 

Aramaic Lexicon - William Jennings 

Recources For Syriac Studies 

These are all resources I've found helpful.  The Greek audio files in the Erasmian pronunciation  is the standard taught in language courses for Ancient and Koine Greek and the one the charts are based on.  As I find more good resources I'll try to update this page for my readers.  

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